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Your church can experience new life,  

fulfilling the purpose of God 

and making a difference in this world

A compelling vision that will impact your church, involving all participants in the great challenge of

reaching lives for God

Central DNA International, a project of Igreja Batista Central (Central Baptist Church) of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is focused on helping churches in all nations to fulfill their original purpose: to become salt and light of the world. With a clear vision, a simple strategy and the power of the Holy Spirit, this is possible! Through multiplication oriented cell groups, focused on transforming relationships and efficient discipleship, the revolution takes place!






[ Challenge ]


Through seminars and lectures, we challenge churches to shift paradigms and live out the Gospel in a new way

[ Nourish ]


We offer free resources such as training materials, articles and cell group lessons to equip churches and leaders

[ Aid ]


Through mentoring and coaching groups the DNA aids churches in their transitions to the cell model


[ Completely FREE ]


All seminars, resources and mentoring are available at no cost, with no expenses for the participant churches. We are not an association and there is no formal membership, only partnering to reach a common goal: Reap the harvest!

Freely we have received by grace, freely we give! For us, one soul that is saved anywhere in the world has the same value to God. Therefore, our main objective is to reap this huge harvest, uniting churches in this common purpose!

[ DNA 1 Seminar ]

Watch all the lectures of the DNA 1 (in Portuguese).

Click on your preferred language for subtitles. 

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