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by Roberto Bottrel

If you want to live a life above the ordinary, an extraordinary vision is what you need.

What can we do for you?


At present, Central DNA offers free seminars and access to the slide presentations of the seminars, Bible studies for the cell meetings and leadership training materials. Most of the materials have been already translated to different languages.

DNA also promotes activities such as leadership retreats, conferences, training seminars and vision casting events. It also offers support and mentoring through coaching networks, where pastors get together aiming to aid one another based on relationships, with no formal ties or financial commitments.

[ Seminars / Conferences / Leadership Retreats / Coaching Network / Materials]


[ DNA 1 Seminar ]

Watch all the lectures of the DNA 1 (in Portuguese).

Click on your preferred language for subtitles. 

  • Articles and Training materials in German

  • Lectures - Video & Audio - in English with consecutive interpretation to German


[ DNA Materials & Resources ]

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