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Igreja Batista Central de Belo Horizonte


Igreja Batista Central de Belo Horizonte, (Central Baptist Church in Belo Horizonte, Brazil), founded in 1961, was a nice church varying from 200 to 400 members during 40 years. But in the last 15 years, God has blessed the church with a compelling  outreach vision. At present, Central Church has more than 12.000 people involved in almost 2000 cell groups. A true miracle that has the unquestionable touch of God. A real revolution has taken place.

How did the Central DNA program start?


In 2010, the Central DNA program was launched to serve pastors who were interested in knowing how our church has been able to change so much. As the name of the program suggests, the objective is to share the essence, the heart of the vision that promoted these changes. 

The Central DNA program has already trained in the last six years more than 80.000 pastors and leaders from Brasil and other nations (as USA, Angola, Haiti, Uruguai, Argentina and some countries in Europe) from all denominations (Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Four Square Gospel, Assembly of God, free Communities, Lutherans, Pentecostals and many more), representing 18.000 churches.  The program does not deal with doctrinal issues and denominational practices, so all Christian churches are welcome. Because of this we are experiencing great unity among the participant churches, all focused in reaping the harvest for the glory of God.

Many of these pastors started the transition in their churches and have been able to open more than 150.000 cell groups, involving 1.5 million lives for Christ. Twenty DNA Coaching Groups have already been formed in 8 Brazilian states promoting unity, fellowship and equipping of pastors, totally free of charges and no formal association to the base church. 

Central DNA International

As a result of the expansion of the project and all the results described above, the vision has broadened with Central DNA International (iDNA) to consistently serve churches all over the world. Our mission is to serve pastors, leaders and their churches, sharing our experience and the principles that were learnt along the journey, and aiding those who want to transition their churches to focus on fulfilling the Great Commission through relationships, working with cell groups that multiply. 

Initially, the program will concentrate its attention in Europe, challenging pastors and leaders from many nations to implement the cell church model according to their backgrounds. Some churches have already started their transition in several countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain and, we believe, that many others will start soon. Nonetheless, any country from other continents are also welcome!


Roberto & Simone.jpg
[ Prs Roberto & Simone Bottrel ]

Roberto & Simone are Cell Network Pastors at Igreja Batista Central (Central Baptist Church) of Belo Horizonte, Brasil and have been assigned to start the Central DNA program in Europe, based in Malaga, Spain. They will travel all the continent challenging and helping churches in their transition to the cell model. 


Pastor Roberto has been part the church's leadership team since 2004. The couple was responsible for more than 500 cell groups of the Zoe Cell Network which held Teenagers, College Age and Young Adults. They also coordinated the child ministry and the communication department of the church. They have been married since 1987 and have three grown-up children, all passionate for Jesus and highly committed to serving the Lord.

Their passion is to raise extraordinary leaders who radically follow Jesus and do great works for the glory of God.

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